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Monday, October 27, 2014

Review: THE FALLEN by Dale Bailey


Where has author  Dale Bailey been all my life?  I had barely started THE FALLEN when I paused to purchase HOUSE OF BONES and SLEEPING POLICEMEN, two more of his books, just so I don't run short.  THE FALLEN is set in really-small-town, coal-mining West Virginia:  beautifully scenic, quiet, and surprisingly peaceful. Well, no mining in decades (yay!) and very, very little crime ever, except in rare, intermittent, cycles--then Life gets ugly. One such cycle sees the death of Reverend Quincy Sleep, whose wife died of cancer during the prior weird cycle. Son Henry Sleep can't feature his father as a suicide, and when he begins to stir up the recent past, he also finds himself 're-acquiring long repressed childhood memories.

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