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Saturday, October 11, 2014


Let me give rousing kudos to this entire series, for mesmerizing, fascinating, engrossing, and yes, educating, me!! I began with Book 7, HELL'S FORTRESS, as a review via NetGalley just a week ago. I was so enraptured that I then started with Book 1 to read the series in consecutive order.  I'm now reading Book 6, THE GATES OF BABYLON, and will have to wait till January for Book 8, the final. (Oh, why does it have to end?) 

Throughout out the series, the splinter Mormons who constitute the core focus and many of the protagonists have steadily awaited the predicted Last Days, the "end of the world" preceding "the great and terrible day of the Lord." Occasionally, a character will remind, "It's always the Last Days--until it really is." In DESTROYING ANGEL, we begin to see evidences of the latter times: a supervolcano in Indonesia altering global weather; agricultural uprisings in Iowa, Nebraska, and California. Closer to home for the polygamist community of Blister Creek, Utah, are earthquakes, a toxic gas-contaminated pond, and USDA exercising eminent domain (armed) over the harvest and food storage of Blister Creek.

My highest recommendation for every novel in this series; all are rereaders.

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