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Sunday, August 24, 2014


Review: THE PROMISED LAND by Gary A. Caruso

A short story prequel to the OUR SOULS TO KEEP trilogy, THE PROMISED LAND demonstrates once again that, like all human con artists, Satan tells a potential victim what they want to.hear, either carrot or stick or both. Seventeen-year-old Wake, altar boy, student, brother of five-year-old Jacob, us offered both, when his mother dies: save her soul by collecting others, or let her be doomed to a torturous eternity. {Shiver!} Scary choice, indeed. The story is well-written and believable, leading smartly into the series.

Review: OUR SOULS TO KEEP by Gary A. Caruso

Consignment to Hell is a torturous eternity, but for young Wake, who thought he sacrificed his soul to save his mother's, Hell is an eternity of waking moments, scouring Phoenix for adolescents prone to suicide: souls he can collect for his lord Satan. Suddenly, during one such encounter, some of Wake's lost human memories begin to reappear, just as he is summoned to.a new, essential task by Satan: collecting the souls of an angelic teenager and her unborn child.

OUR SOULS TO KEEP is realistic and gritty, detailed about Hell and its Narcissistic, megalomaniac overlords; but it is also founded in.the shining light of hope and will compel readers to eagerly anticipate the next installment. (I recommend the prequel short story, THE PROMISED LAND).

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