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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Review: THE HARLOT by Ernie Lindsey

REVIEW: THE HARLOT by Ernie Lindsey

Author Ernie Lindsey comes packed with wisdom, and his writing reveals it. I think he's classed by himself when it comes to character-revealing. Some of his descriptions actually figuratively transport me: for example, an individual with sea-green eyes and potentially a hidden and ugly disposition, whose characterization immediately transported me in imagination to the lowest recesses of the ocean where a bottom-feeding predator lurked. Now that was scary!!

Then, scarcely any time passes, before the characters start acting out of character, and violence erupts, followed by worse. The tension is ratcheted so tight I kept expecting the torque wheel to come loose and fly off into space! Imagine confinement with no sense of safety, no recourse, and no escape--I've tensed up just recounting this. I must go back and reread this, just for the sheer resounding pleasure of the terror!

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