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Monday, February 25, 2013

WORTH THE RISK by Anne Lange_Review

Worth The RiskWorth The Risk by Anne   Lange
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Review of Worth the Risk by Anne Lange
5 stars

A smoothly-written and well-executed erotic romance novel, “Worth the Risk” immediately captures the reader’s attention and emotions and maintains that grasp throughout until the ending, leaving the reader to relax in satisfaction with a “well done!” to the characters and the author. Some ten years earlier, Molly and Tanner, lovers for some years, were about to graduate from University and move on to their new, “adult,” lives. Tanner fully expected marriage and a lifetime with his beloved Molly—until she informed him “it’s over between us.” He disappears from her life, until a camping reunion of their friends ten years later. Now Tanner wants answers (so does the reader) as to why she suddenly sent him away.

This reader had considered a few possibilities, but the author skillfully avoids telegraphing the reasons, so that the reader will be just as surprised as Tanner. The working-out of the plot for Tanner and Molly, and for their friends, is realistic and possible. I predict romance aficionados are really going to love “Worth the Risk.”

Rated 18+ for erotic content

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