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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

It all started with an idea. Why not make a place where we can bring authors, bloggers, publishers, and reviewers together all in one place?

December 2012 marked the one-year anniversary of the Making Connections group. Since then, we have grown beyond our imagination. Not only have we listed almost 850 books in the original Making Connections group for review, we have also branched off and made a Young Adult group with 200 books listed for review.

Thank you for being part of this group and for helping us celebrate our one-year anniversary! We look forward to see where 2013 will take us.

E for Extraordinary and Exceptional
Making Connections Anniversary Tour-Feb. 6

“E” is for Extraordinary, Exceptional, Excellent
I joined Goodreads on Jan. 1, 2012, and Making Connections was one of the very first groups I chose to participate in. An extraordinary selection of “read to review” books from exceptional authors is available all the time at Making Connections. The moderators are kind, thoughtful, book-loving individuals who make an excellent effort to go above and beyond the essential to reach authors and readers, and to connect authors, readers, reviewers, and bloggers. I love Making Connections and am so proud to be a member and participant.

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  1. Great post/word choice! Exceptional reads is definitely a highlight of the MC group!