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Monday, February 25, 2013

THE ENCHANTMENT SERIES by Alicia Rivoli_Book 2 Cover Reveal

for those of you who enjoyed MERE ENCHANTMENT, Book 1 in the ENCHANTMENT  series by Alicia Rivoli, you don't have long to wait! Book 2 has a projected release date of April 5 (2013) and the cover:

Isn't it gorgeous--and intriguing?

For those who haven't read Book 1, here's a reprise of my review of it:

Mere EnchantmentMere Enchantment by Alicia Rivoli
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Review of Mere Enchantment  by Alicia Rivoli

I received a review ebook copy from the author in exchange for my fair and impartial review.

“Mere Enchantment” is a moving and imaginative contemporary/fantasy postulating an alternate “world,” one located under mysterious Mirror Lake in the Rockies. Preston, almost eighteen, has lived exclusively in a cabin on the lake which belonged to his grandfather, who also owned another cabin on the opposite shore. From early childhood Preston’s father Jack has related stories of a fairytale-like world, Mere, which had been attacked by an evil duke and his insurmountable minion creatures. Preston of course always assumed these were bedtime stories, intended to soothe a fretful child to sleep. Little does he realize they are factual.

This summer Jack has rented the other cabin for the first time, to two families, each of whom has a son and a daughter. Preston, who is ordered into an arranged marriage as soon as he turns eighteen soon, instead falls for Chloe, one of the daughters. Almost immediately terrible things occur: violent storms, tornados, his folks go missing temporarily, and his father orders him to the cave beyond the other cabin. Quickly he is joined by the four other adolescents, and an entirely new world unfolds to them.

I certainly hope “Mere Enchantment” will be the first of a series, as I want to know what happens “after—.”

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Alicia's site is

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