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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

THE SEARCHER by Simon Toyne_Tour

Review: THE SEARCHER by Simon Toyne

THE SEARCHER is so immediately engrossing, and time-consuming of my interest and attention, that I am ashamed I haven't been enjoying Mr. Coyne's earlier novels all along. I was captured from sentence one, and never turned loose Redemption, Arizona, a "founded" town birthed in greed and megalomania, is a microcosm of insanity, where the ethical and sane fare only poorly, if at all. Some of its more substantial denizens are hooked into an avenue of South-of-the-Border psychopathy, but then, greed arranges strange partnerships.



The author of the acclaimed Sanctus trilogy conjures an eerie epic of good and evil, retribution and redemption—the first novel in the mesmerizing Solomon Creed series in which a man with no memory of his past must save a lost soul in a small Arizona town.

On a hilltop in the town of Redemption, Arizona, the townspeople gather at an old cemetery for the first time in decades to bury a local man. The somber occasion is suddenly disrupted by a thunderous explosion in the distant desert. A plane has crashed, and it’s pouring a pillar of black smoke into the air.

As Sheriff Garth Morgan speeds toward the crash, he nearly hits a tall, pale man running down the road, with no shoes on his feet and no memory of who he is or how he got there. The only clues to his identity are a label in his handmade suit jacket and a book that’s been inscribed to him: both giving the name Solomon Creed. When Morgan tells Solomon that he is in Redemption, Arizona, Solomon begins to believe he’s here for a reason—to save a man he has never met . . . the man who was buried that morning.

Miles away, three men scan the skies for an overdue plane carrying an important package. Spotting a black cloud in the distance, they suspect something has gone badly wrong, and that the man who has sent them will demand a heavy price if the package has been lost.

To uncover the secret of his identity, Solomon Creed must uncover Redemption’s secrets too and learn the truth behind the death of the man he is there to save. But there are those who will do anything to stop him, men prepared to call on the darkest forces to prevent Solomon from seeing the light.


Author Bio:

Simon Toyne is the author of the Sanctus trilogy (Sanctus, The Key, and The Tower ). A writer, director, and producer in British television for twenty years, he worked on several award-winning shows, one of which won a BAFTA. He lives in England with his wife and family.

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Book Details:

Genre: Thriller, Suspense
Published by: William Morrow
Publication Date: October 6th 2015
Number of Pages: 480
ISBN: 0062329723 (ISBN13: 9780062329721)
Series: Solomon Creed #1
UK Title: Solomon Creed
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  1. Sounds like an intriguing start to this new series! Going to have to add it to my own TBR stack!