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Sunday, November 1, 2015


Review: COLLISION by P. J. Byer

What Stella wants most is to "find home," in the emotional sense, whether she realizes it or not. Her irascible personality alienates the family and friends who wish to be her "home," so now she's run off, hoping to make her own way. A chance happenstance leaves her off route and stranded; now she's also on the run, afraid of both the police and the man who tried to brutalize her.

But it's not coincidence bringing her to this particular bay. Nor is it imagination bringing her such astoundingly vivid dreams of lives lived in a time long past and near-forgotten. Rather, Stella is being guided "home."

Author Bio

What happened when PJ found her old journal, and in it was jotted the bones of a story?


What happened when that story had been rattling around in her head for fourteen years?


What happened when she admitted she’d always wanted to write, and now newly retired had time to pursue this dream?


She started, of course!


In the journal the story outline was set at Trial Bay gaol near South West Rocks, a beautiful place where PJ’s family had holidayed for years. She was inspired by the history of the  Germans interned at the forbidding gaol during the First World War.


PJ grew up in Sydney’s Northern beaches, married Ivor, and they have raised two wonderful daughters, Zoe and Hannah, on the Central Coast. She had a long career as an  English, History and Drama teacher, and is passionate about youth literacy and encouraging young people to read. This book is pitched as Young Adult genre, one of the world’s fastest growing genres, and is part of a series. A prequel and sequel will follow.



She has a diverse range of interests, including reading, bushwalking, a cappella harmony singing, film, theatre, swimming as well as volunteer work for a disaster relief charity called ShelterBox.



Twitter: @PJ Byer

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