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Saturday, November 21, 2015

CLOSURE by Larry Quartley_Review

Review: CLOSURE by Larry Quartley

From a stunning first chapter that blew me away, CLOSURE hits the ground at near the speed of light.
From there it's nonstop and I couldn't put it down. Author Larry Quartley has an articulate, literate, approach which shines gemlike in the context of a plot both gritty and noir-ish. I eagerly anticipate this author's next entry.


For Zachary Taylor it’s about to get personal... 

CLOSURE sees a detective who can't let go of the past or the part he played in the murder of his old DCI. Investigating the brutal rape and murder of a young woman, whose death pulls the past into the here and now...

In 2003 Detective Chief Inspector Charlie Benner was gunned down when he and other officers were caught up in a shooting frenzy between rival drug gangs. Zachary Taylor was among the first to arrive at the bloodbath. He worked the case - desperate for a conviction - but in the end his chief suspect, James Black, and the faceless guilty walked away, sticking two fingers up at the justice system. For Taylor the case remained unsolved. 

Seven years later, Taylor is investigating the murder of Stella Kerr - whose boyfriend, Steve Lamb, charged with the heinous crime had gone on the run. Taylor quickly learns that in Lamb there is a connection to the past and James Black. He believes the same dark forces responsible for the slaying of his old DCI are behind the drug fuelled murder of Stella Kerr. 

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