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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Review: A Land of Ash

A Land of Ash A Land of Ash by David Dalglish
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Review: A LAND OF ASH by David Dalglish

Three years ago this month I read ASHFALL, first in a trilogy by Mike Mullin about the eventual eruption of the Yelliwstone Supervolcano. Of course, in the story it's not eventual, but imminent and then actual. This well-written novel so terrified me with its implacability and realism that I hadn't read a book on the topic of the Yellowstone Supervolcano since--until now.

A LAND OF ASH is a collection of fictional stories on this very subject, including work by its anthologist, David Dalglish (successfully ranging rather far afield!). Let me tell you, many of these stories made me cry [me!!], the elicited empathy was so powerful. There is nothing I admire and fear more in horror or science fiction or thrillers than imminence and implacability; serial killers don't have it, but meteors, asteroids, and Yellowstone do! Unforgettable.

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