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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Review: THE SAME SKY by Amanda Eyre Ward. Release

REVIEW:  THE SAME SKY by Amanda Eyre Ward

A heart-wrenchingly poignant novel of two families, a broken family in Honduras, struggling to survive, let alone to thrive, and a happily married, busy, couple in Texas, THE SAME SKY  is a novel unlikely to leave readers with dry eyes. 40-year old Alice wants to adopt, but that is a path strewn with obstacles like broken stones. Carla is a child in Honduras, only five when her mother pays a "coyote" for illicit transport to the States, in a Texas restaurant kitchen. Carla and her younger twin half-brothers are.raised by their grandmother, who dies when Carla is thirteen. The path Carla takes from here on is fraught and troublesome, but in the end  demonstrates that we are all siblings beneath the skin and brothers and sisters under the same sky.

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