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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

REVIEW: FRAM by Steve Himmel

REVIEW:  FRAM by Steve 

FRAM is an enduring literary novel, a testimony to imagination and dreams, to character and unshakable optimism. Strewn throughout is the persistent undercurrent of ironic humor at the expense of bureaucracy. (Specifically Federal, but really, bureaucracy everywhere: anywhere that reality doesn't matter but the recorded perception of reality does). To  achieve such testimony, protagonist Oliver, a middle-aged married employee in the Federal Bureau of Ice Prognostication, is abruptly summoned to fulfillment of his lifetime dream, as he is sent to the Arctic he has never seen, but of which he has always dreamed (and whose virtual reality he has for years manipulated). Now the way is open for Oliver's becoming, with an unforgettable and inspiring closure.

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