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Monday, January 5, 2015

Review: DEAD SIMPLE (A Dylan Scott mystery) by Shirley Wells

Review:  DEAD SIMPLE by Shirley Wells

Dylan Scott has quite a history, and quite a checkered past. At only forty, he is a widower, father of a sixteen-year-old football-obsessed son and a two-year-old daughter. The three of them, and his mother, live in Dylan's house in London, where he is a private investigator--and sliding toward alcoholism. Not too many years ago, he was a police detective in Lancashire, in a small formerly cotton mill village called Dawson's Clough, married and a father. Then he was ex-police, with a stint in prison for which he had been framed, and following that, a private investigator.

Now Dylan Scott has returned to Dawson's Clough, on his own recognizance, to investigate the brutal and unseemly murder of a mentally-challenged man who was practically a saint, a person Dylan counted as a friend, who had helped him solve his first case. But this may not have been the first murder, but part of a series, by someone who will go to great lengths to keep his identity concealed.

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