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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Review: THE DEEP by Nick Cutter

REVIEW:  THE DEEP by Nick Cutter

Pseudonymously-concealed, author Nick Cutter is gifted at the delivery of horror-thrillers. I remember how impressed (and terrified!) I was reading his first novel under this nom de plume, THE TROOP--impressed by both the implacability of the horror element, and by the vulnerable frailty and helplessness of the human contingent, unable to function efficiently in the face of supreme danger.

Once again, Mr. Cutter brings implacable, unavoidable, horror: the disease/plague termed "the 'gets," the mysterious substance nicknamed "ambrosia," the very mysteriosity of the Mariana Trench, as far underwater as Mt. Everest rises toward the sky, and what lies beyond--and deeper--than Mariana. Frightening.

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