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Friday, January 2, 2015

Review: A HAUNTING IN OREGON (The River, Book 2) by Michael Richan

Review:  A HAUNTING IN OREGON by Michael Richan (River Book Two)

I initially read and enjoyed the first in this special Supernatural series, BANK OF THE RIVER, in Oct. 2013, then a few days ago read it again so I could go through the entire series consecutively.

BANK OF THE RIVER is set in Seattle. A HAUNTING IN OREGON takes Steven and Roy, the son and father newly become a team (Steven is in his fifties and has a son at University) farther afield to Oregon, to an expansive antique manor near Medford, a bed-and-breakfast for a number of years. Mason Manor is owned by Pete and his daughter Sarah, and is magnetic to ghosts. Something additional is wrong: several guests have died over the last few years. In order to solve this deadly puzzle, Roy and Steve will do some extensive traveling, from Seattle, their home base, to Mason Manor in Oregon, Albuquerque, Northern California, Seattle, and back to Oregon. Mr. Richan never settles for routine haunting or ghostly manifestations only, but works in supplementary threads, in this case Native American Spirituality, and the very ugly history of the whites' treatment of the indigenous populace on the West Coast.

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  1. This sounds like a series I'd enjoy. I'm going to check it out. Always looking for more mystery and who doesn't enjoy a haunting.