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Thursday, December 18, 2014

REVIEW: THE PACT by George Mahaffey

REVIEW: THE PACT by George Mahaffey Classic horror with twists! In the tiny Appalachian community of Furnace Creek, there are worse dangers than driving drunk off a mountain ridge or hypothermia in the winters. SOMETHING is out there in the woods, and it's not bears or bobcats. It wants sacrifices, and it takes whenever it can. Then begins the cover-up: closed caskets containing boulders, cause of Death announced as vehicular accident, hunting, heart attack, etc. Chris was sent away by his mother when he was small, and raised away. He returns only for his dear cousin's funeral. But Jack is not in his coffin, nor is Chris' late mother Beth in hers. THE PACT is a hair-raiser: read only with the doors locked and the lights on.

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