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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Review THE MATHEMATICIAN'S SHIVA by Stuart Rojstaczer


When I was a young child reading (elementary-age), I suddenly determined I detested literary fiction, and would never again try to read any. I am ashamed to say this unwarranted conclusion was based on a single book, John Steinbeck' s THE WINTER OF OUR DISCONTENT, which I found unbearably depressing. So I missed out on such authors as Thomas Pynchon, John Updike, Mr. Steinbeck, Norman Mailer, John Irving. In 2013I bought Mr. Pynchon' s long-awaited comeback, BLEEDING EDGE--and I TOTALLY LOVED IT!! Then a few months ago, I reviewed Garth Stein' s A SUDDEN LIGHT--inarguably one of THE BEST of 2014--and "suddenly" I find myself searching out Literary Fiction, which is how I came to this excellent 5-Star novel, THE MATHEMATICIAN' S SHIVA. 

Normally I would shy away from anything to do with Math, a subject which I admire but which troubles me. However, not the case here. So full of three-dimensional and deep characterization, and intriguing plotting, high recommendation goes to this book. In fact, I'm soon going to read it once again.

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