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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Review. ANGEL OF THE ABYSS by Ed Kurtz (DarkFuse Release dec. 2 2014)


I totally enjoyed this story. Going in, I wasn't sure I would. The novel that put me head over heels in love and in honor with the works of Ramsey Campbell was MORTAL IMAGES, which focused on the murderous dangers of a long-forgotten film. I was concerned ANGEL OF THE ABYSS wouldn't "meet the grade." I was wrong, this is a great story, and I loved the characterization, and the intricate way in which the author interwove present (2013) and past (a very gritty Hollywood film industry in 1926). Mr. Kurtz brought that ugly but glittery era vividly to life. 12 Stars to ANGEL OF THE ABYSS!

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