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Monday, December 29, 2014

REVIEW: AS FAR AS YOU CAN GO by Louise Glaiser

REVIEW AS FAR AS YOU CAN GO Definitely one of the best books of 2014, AS FAR AS YOU CAN GO is a consuming, all-engrossing literary novel which I couldn't put aside till finished. Ms. Kaiser' s approach is amazingly subtle and quiet--but when the momentous events occur--and many there are--their effect is all the more powerful for not being telegraphed. The characters themselves are amazing. Protagonists Cassie and Graham are truly babes in the woods, very self-focused, so that they overlook all clues that don't seem to directly pertain to them, which means they consistently miss both the Big Picture, and the smaller pictures too. They are incredibly naive, for 21st century adults. When they temporarily emigrate from England to Western Australia (with eyes wide shut and brains on hold), their lifestyle is immediate barely improved over what England's convicts transplanted to Australia in the 18th century experienced. And their hosts! Larry, Mara, and sidekick & dogsbody Fred are such fully-delineated individuals, they really need a fourth dimension to explain themselves. (Not to exclude the inimitable Ziggy.) Louise Glaiser demonstrates a powerful mind and an extensive imagination. I will definitely be rereading AS FAR AS YOU CAN GO.

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