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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Review: SHADE by Marilyn Peake

SHADE is an exceptional YA novel, one I'm really glad I've read. In the last 18 months, I'd become very cautious about choosing YA and NA books, because I was over-satiated with routine high-school angst and couldn't find characters to whom I could relate. Happily, SHADE is a major exception. Author Marilyn Peake proves unafraid to get down in the trenches of the psyche and deal with real issues--serious issues: suicidal ideation, parental abuse, self-mutilation, parents who can't keep it.together, inability to form self-identity; and her characters grapple with these issues daily. The best among them strive to uplift their peers, so that I walked through the story with a sense of hopefulness.

Then there is the wonderful paranormal element. Unlike many stories, it's not the sole abiding focus, and I would not categorize it as the main focus (see above). Surprisingly for me, lifelong Supernatural believer that I am, what I appreciated most is the ongoing character evolution of Galactic Shade Griffin ("Shade" of the title):she's not perfect--no human is--but despite all the strikes against her and all the obstacles to her progress, Shade is persevering and determined, and she desires to evolve--and after all, that's what counts. I highly recommend SHADE.

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