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Monday, September 29, 2014

Review: THE SCHWARZSCHILD RADIUS by Gustav Florentine [TOUR]


Caution: THE SCHWARZSCHILD RADIUS pulls very few punches! It is down-and-dirty, gritty, explicit, dealing with some of the very worst dregs of inhuman humanity. If you're faint of heart or weak of stomach, grossly disturbed by human trafficking, sexual slavery, pedophilia, and torture porn (and murder), you will find this book.tremendously disturbing. On the other hand, it is excellently written and ingeniously plotted. The character delineations are deep, and this is so in a high populace of characters. Some elicited immediate empathy; some I wanted eradicated from the face of the earth. Certainly, THE SCHWARZSCHILD RADIUS will linger on in my memory.


The Schwarzschild Radius, by Gustavo Florentin


Genre: detective mystery-thriller


Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press


Date of Re-Release: September 23, 2014.


Cover Artist: Andrea Garcia(







Rachel, an 18-year-old Columbia University student, descends into the netherworld of runaways and predators to find her sister, Olivia, who has suddenly disappeared.

After getting a job in a strip joint where Olivia worked, then doing private shows in the homes of rich clients, Rachel discovers that Olivia has been abducted by a killer who auctions the deaths of young girls in an eBay of agony.

When she finds Olivia, Rachel becomes the killer’s next target.




About The Author:

GUSTAVO FLORENTIN was born in Queens, New York, and received a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Polytechnic University of New York. He spent a decade in the defense industry, working on the F-14 fighter jet and classified electronic warfare projects.

After the fall of the Soviet Union many thought America wouldn’t need weapons anymore. While others waited for the “peace dividend,” he moved on to the financial sector in New York where he is currently a network engineer. His passions include violin, travel to exotic destinations and exploring worldwide conspiracies. He’s currently working on his third novel in his New Jersey home.

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