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Friday, September 12, 2014

Review: LONDON CALLING by James Craig


This is the newest entry in the Inspector Carlyle series, and the first for me, but I plan to look out the rest. Carlyle is a down-to-earth detective, about as far up the promotion ladder as he will ever be, middle-aged, and consciously working-class. This latter is worth mentioning because of his current nasty case, which casts a sheen of entitlement. An exclusive Cambridge gentlemen's club of the early 1980's, of boys who've all become wealthy, powerful, entitled, gentlemen, begins losing its members not to attrition, but via brutal murder. Carlyle finds himself stymied more by the remaining members, more than by the actual murderer. Meanwhile author Jane's Craig deftly weaves in the Inspector' s own history, one aspect of which will have dire consequences for this current case.

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