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Monday, September 1, 2014

Review: PERSONAL by Lee Child (Jack Reacher #19)

Publication Date Sept. 02 2014

Review:  PERSONAL (Jack Reacherv#19) by LEE CHILD

I'll rate this 5 stars for writing and character,  4 for its interest for me. I  admire the protagonist, and I enjoy the series as a whole, but an occasional installment just doesn't thrill me. On the other hand PERSONAL wasn't as disturbing as "ECHO BURNING," "THE AFFAIR," and "THE KILLING FLOOR" ( which still scares me). 

Jack Reacher, intrepid hero-unintentionally, is drawn back into the scope of the U.S. Army (plus Department of State) to locate an ex-military, ex-felon, ongoing Narcissist, whom Reacher arrested  an  M.P., sixteen years earlier. Very possibly John Lott, missing from his Arkansas home, is the talented sniper who shot at the President of France.

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