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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Review: INDIAN FALLS (An Alien Invasion Novel) by Gary L. Morton

In an ugly and undesirable "near-future," Canada is ruled primarily by military-federal and corporations. There are few areas not under the "protection" of either, but Toronto private investigator San Michaels learns of one such, a community and conservation area known as Indian Falls when he is hired to find a missing person. Now that his home city is getting too hot to handle, from the criminals he's helped put away, to a failed assassination attempt on him, San decides to combine work and pleasure and heads for Indian Falls "undercover," as a vacationer.

Vacation won't be happening, though. San gets caught up with county police, a federal Special Agent, the conservation officer, and a paramilitary milita group, all of whom are trying to solve multiple disappearances. That's not to mention that apparently these really are "alien abductions," and nothing like we've been taught to expect.

Author Morton has a flair for delineating characters, and a uniquely creative approach to the aliens.

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