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Sunday, March 3, 2013

PRETTY UNLIKELY by Emily Hodson_Review

Pretty UnlikelyPretty Unlikely by Emily Hodson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Review of Pretty Unlikely
4 stars

This first in a trilogy turns Urban Fantasy on its head and really spins out those “What if?” questions. Anna at seventeen just wants to finish her last two years of high school, among her few friends, in quiet Dearborn, Michigan. She really wishes her mother Shirley would lighten up and let her be in touch with her long-divorced dad Patrick. She wishes her law student brother Tanner was more emotionally stable and less of a party animal. The solution in her mind is NOT moving to Cleveland, Ohio, suddenly and unexpectedly.

Instead, she finds in her bedroom closet, a doorway to a concealed laboratory, with a lot of long-dead skeletons—and what she calls a “science creation,” Isaiah—sort of a modern version of Dr. Frankenstein’s animation work. Where the story goes from here is truly special, and showcases the author’s wildly creative imagination. I think this series will have a lot of appeal for readers of YA, no matter their age level.

There is some graphic violence on occasion.

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