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Friday, March 1, 2013

CRAWLSPACE by Evans Light_Review

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Review of Crawlspace by Evans Light

I totally enjoy Mr. Light’s writings, on any topic, because he has such a new perspective and offers such vivid and poetic imagery. His metaphors are graceful and very original. So naturally I totally enjoyed this novella, but I must confess: I have no sympathy or empathy whatsoever for the protagonist! Yes, bad stuff dribbles into every life (sometimes it pours, not just dribbles) but an adult has to learn to face it, cope with it, and get up and move on. That doesn’t include constant whining, leaving your grade-school child locked out of the house, or playing around. Sorry, dude, that doesn’t cut it: so get up, grow up, and be an adult, Tom!

That said, even though the protagonist claims to not be claustrophobic, this reviewer is, terribly. I also do not do cellars, basements, attics, coal furnaces, or crawlspaces—and after reading this story, I really hope to never encounter a crawlspace!

I venture to guess that very few, if any, readers will guess in advance the outcome.

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