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Sunday, March 10, 2013

DUPLICITY by Ian Woodhead_Review

DuplicityDuplicity by Ian Woodhead
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Review of Duplicity by Ian Woodhead
5 stars

Just as in “Parasite,” Mr. Woodhead digs deeper and reaches farther beyond into the Wells of Creativity to think up a special new and unique breed of “monster.” This one proves to be an entirely new species of sorts, a chameleon-like entity which appears to live in certain subterranean locations (again, akin to “Parasite”). In their “natural” state, they are a kind of glowing green, and they appear to absorb other entitites (specifically, human). It’s a shame they can’t be employed in espionage, because these have the ultimate chameleon-like ability: they appear and function as whomever they wish, do what they wish, and go about their ugly monsterish impetus.

Mr. Woodhead as usual populates his story with a fair-sized cast of characters, some of whom I really couldn’t despair if they were consumed by these alien entities. Others, like Henry, are, if imperfect, at least of some redeeming social value (not so the adolescent delinquent bully Joanie). Nevertheless, the story captured my attention from the beginning and maintained it throughout, a process I’ve come to rely on after reading several of author Ian Woodhead’s writings.

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