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Thursday, December 31, 2015

HUNTRESS/FBI THRILLERS by Alexandra Sokoloff

Review: Introducing the HUNTRESS/FBI THRILLERS Series By Alexandra Sokoloff 

 This astounding, exciting, series brings new definition to the term "gripping." I am reading in immediate consecutive order (one right after another), and rarely for me, am not even tempted to interspersed a different book. It's full-on Huntress/FBI for me. This series is jam-packed with high-octane, high-tension, thrills, with plot convolutions, with scary villains and multiple "trips down the rabbit hole" as reality bends and stretches. I can't praise this series highly enough. 

 Review: HUNTRESS MOON by Alexandra Sokoloff (HUNTRESS/FBI THRILLERS #1) Just the kind of mystery I rejoice to find! A mystery with a perfect reader's hook, plus plotting so good that even if it were just superficial, it would still be fascinating! But the author is not content to stop there: we get to unravel layers upon untold layers, more like delving inside a mollusc than an onion. Tons of subordinate characters who each and every one are outliers [outside the statistical norm]. An antagonist who is truly out of this world, balanced by an intuitive (!) FBI ASAC, a former profiler. What we have here, Gentle Readers, is a book that has attached itself to my mind, a novel I absolutely could not stop reading. 

 Review: BLOOD MOON by Alexandra Sokoloff Second in the Huntress/FBI thrillers series which commences with HUNTRESS MOON, BLOOD MOON continues this spookily spectacular saga in which a series of bloody unsolvable massacres a quarter of a century in the past reverberate in the present, presenting more killings, and danger for Assistant Special Agent in Charge Matt Roarke of the San Francisco FBI Office, a former profiler. Now it appears that the mass killer from twenty-five years ago has inexplicably returned, with more expertise, more control--and his still unsatisfied agenda. How many more families will suffer.

[review of COLD MOON, third in the series, will post Jan, 2]

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  1. Reviews like this are what keep me going. I may just be able to finish Book 4 after all! Thanks so much for reading and writing.

    Alexandra Sokoloff