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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

A COLD WHITE FEAR by R. J, Harlick_Review

Review: A COLD WHITE FEAR by R J.Harlick
[a Meg Harris Mystery #7]

The ideal story for this time of year (fall-winter), A COLD WHITE FEAR, the seventh in R. J. Harlick's immensely popular Meg Harris series, plays poignantly on the natural human fear of isolation and incursion. Meg is at home in Three Deer Point, the Canadian wilderness home she inherited and shares with husband Eric. She and her young friend (whom she considers a son and wanted to adopt) Adjidamo, prepare for Christmas. Simultaneously with pounding at the door, the power fails; the landline falls dead. Two men demand entrance--one appears grievously wounded. Quickly it's obvious they're not here to sing Christmas carols,and Meg embarks on a trip into terror that will strain her intuition, discernment, and self-defense to the maximum.

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