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Sunday, May 3, 2015


Tour: THE LAST WITNESS by Jerry Amernic

The year is 2039, and Jack Fisher is the last living survivor of the Holocaust. Set in a world that is abysmally complacent about events of the last century, Jack is a 100-year-old man whose worst memories took place before he was 5. His story hearkens back to the Jewish ghetto of his birth and to Auschwitz where, as a little boy, he had to fend for himself to survive after losing his family. Jack becomes the central figure in a missing-person investigation when his granddaughter suddenly disappears. While assisting police, he finds himself in danger and must reach into the darkest corners of his memory to come out alive.

Author Bio:
Jerry Amernic is a Toronto writer who has been a newspaper reporter and correspondent, newspaper columnist, feature writer for magazines, teacher of journalism, and media consultant. His first book 'Victims: The Orphans of Justice' was a true story about a former police officer whose eldest daughter was murdered and who became a leading advocate for crime victims. This resulted in Jerry’s column about the justice system for The Toronto Sun. More recently Jerry co-authored 'Duty - The Life of a Cop' with Julian Fantino, the highest-profile police officer Canada has ever produced and now a member of the Canadian Cabinet. In fiction, Jerry’s first novel 'Gift of the Bambino' was praised by The Wall Street Journal in the U.S., The Globe and Mail in Canada, and others. His latest novel is the historical thriller 'The Last Witness'. Just released is the biblical-historical thriller 'Qumran'.
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Book Details:

Genre: Historical Thriller
Published by: Story Merchant Books
Publication Date: October 29th 2014
Number of Pages: 334
ISBN: 9780990421658
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Review:  THE LAST WITNESS by Jerry Amernic

THE LAST WITNESS is a novel of extraordinary impact, and is definitely a Best of 2014. I fear that author Jerry Amernic is not only vastly talented, but also prophetic. George Orwell was prophetic when he penned NINETEEN EIGHTY-FOUR and we see indications of that all around us. 66 further years of history have supplied Mr. Amernic with further fuel and fodder for prediction. In this novel, the entire history and experience of the Jewish Holocaust of pre-World War II and throughout the War, is mocked, scoffed at, and declared false. In 2039 (a scant 14 years ahead of us) "what you see is what you get" is the rule--or, "if it happens in my lifetime it's fact," and whatever happened before--never occurred. In a society in which media spin is all, a society which already in some quarters denies the Holocaust--contemporary society--how easily could Mr. Amernic's 2039 come to fruition?


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  1. Thanks so much for introducing us to this historical thriller and sharing your thoughts on it with us. It looks like a fascinating read!