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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Review: HOUSEBROKEN by The Bergh

Review: HOUSEBROKEN by The Bergh

When I was a kid, I was scared of a lot of irrational things; my constant consumption of horror fiction, "true supernatural," and B-grade horror films I'm sure didn't help. Then I grew up and switched my focus to serial killers, both fictional and real, and to studying the psychology of human nature. Now at my advanced age, I don't worry about axe murderers or serial killers lurking in the hedges; other than asteroids, meteors, and EMP' s, my one remaining phobia is home invasion. Then I decide to read HOUSEBROKEN, a novel whose villains make Dick Hickock and Perry Smith (1959 murderers of the Cutter family in Kansas, immortalized in the non-fiction novel IN COLD BLOOD) look like avatars of Mary Poppins. Despite the truly and persistently terrifying focus, I couldn't stop reading--I was compelled to keep turning those pages. [and I'm still terrified]. HOUSEBROKEN is, incredibly, a debut novel, and what a novel it is. Just don't read at night, if you are alone. I did--.

I reviewed a digital copy generously provided by the author for review purpose, without remuneration.

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