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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Review: THE ORGAN BROKER by Stu Strumwasser

Review: THE ORGAN BROKER by Dry Strumwasser

THE ORGAN BROKER is a gripping contemporary novel with a solid factual foundation. As the author explains, the shortage of legally available transplants is horrible, and consequently the black market for organs thrives ( and undoubtedly, some illegal brokers are yanking in money because of it--think of the money made during Prohibition in the U.S., but on a grander and global scale).

I really enjoyed this novel and anticipate more from this author. Surprisingly, I empathized with Jack (New York Jack), despite his behavior choices. I think his confidence--even in his strengths, he is less than self-confident, undoubtedly due to his abusive upbringing. I liked him, oddly enough.

I reviewed a digital ARC generously provided by the publisher and author via NetGalley for review purpose, without remuneration.

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