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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Review: WORDS ONSCREEN by Naomi S. Baron


Examination of the phenomenon of "onscreen reading" (ereaders, tablets, smartphones, desktop computers, laptops) vis a vis traditional reading (print books; printouts--in other words, "hard copy"), WORDS ONSCREEN takes an academic viewpoint. Linguistics expert Naomi S. Baron looks at both sides of the debate: aficionados of print vs. aficionados of e-reading, and explores e-reading globally.

I think in the end, it comes to a matter of personal preference. I myself began reading print books (voraciously) in the 1950's, and loved the content, the weight, the fragrance. But more than a year ago, I gave up reading print in order to preserve my eyesight (I read on an iPad and several different generation Kindle Fires). Many contemporary print books use font that several strains my vision. I expect more of my generation will take up e-reading for similar reasons.

I highly recommend that all readers, publishers, authors, and academics peruse WORDS ONSCREEN and ponder its conclusions.

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