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Monday, February 2, 2015

Review: JAGGANATH by

An immediately engrossing, literally rip-roaring (literally rips, roars, deaths, and devouring on nearly every page) apocalyptic and dystopian thriller (so little of humanity is left, that civilization is only small enclaves of "citizen-soldiers"), JAGGANATH demands to be a one-session read, because who could sleep before completing its tale? I loved the excellent writing and construction, the implacability of the destroyer, its Cthulhu-ian nature, the valiant yet fatally flawed human defenders,and little Lily, the one "human" the omnipotent destroyer can't absorb nor destroy. JAGGANATH was a joy to read (and a candidate for rereading). 

I reviewed an ARC generously provided by the author for review purposes; no fees were exchanged.

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  1. Thanks Mallory for your excellent review of JAGANNATH! I'm thrilled you enjoyed it. I posted your link all over Facebook and Tweeted it several times.

    Happy reading!