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Saturday, February 21, 2015

REVIEW: KILL RATIO by Bryan Cassiday

Review: KILL RATIO by Bryan Cassiday KILL RATIO is part of the Chad Halvorsen series, set in the Zombie apocalypse. Halvorsen is a former operative for the US government, now a target for termination since a fellow black ops agent gave Halvorsen information on the factual source of the virus behind the Zombie infection. After narrowly escaping a predator drone attack, he and temporary sidekick Victoria begin to cross-country from Southern California toward D.C. I'm not quite sure how to consider Halvorsen. The man is a trained and efficient field agent, knows weapons, presumably knows how to strategize; but I've seldom seen anyone so indecisive. The other aspect I take away from this book is that the author wisely expands the apocalyptic circumstances: instead of just shuffling, biting, undead, there is socio-economic collapse, looters and murderers, wildfires and urban devastation, starving dog packs, starving rat hordes, and folks with identifiable mental and emotional disorders, possibly caused by the plague and subsequent apocalypse, possibly preexistent. Then there's my favourite character group, those cynical, shortsighted fools running the government from exile in underground Virginia--hilarious if they weren't so pathetic. I reviewed at the request of the author, who provided a digital copy for review purpose.

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