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Monday, February 9, 2015

Review: THE DAMNED by Andrew Pyper

REVIEW:  THE DAMNED by Andrew Pyper

Nearly middle-aged, Danny Orchard is a twin survivor and a best-selling author of a memoir of his own after-death experience. By choice, he is solitary and lonely, as he believes his deceased twin Ashleigh will intervene in any attempt to form a meaningful relationship. Unfortunately, Danny's belief is accurate. Born a sociopath, Ashleigh quite literally possessed no soul, but was infused by a drive for control and for cruelty. Murdered on her 16th birthday, she is neither "gone" nor "forgotten"; her Will attached itself to Danny the way an unformed embryonic twin sometimes emerges as an internal tissue mass in the surviving twin.

This novel is graphically violent, gritty, and gory, and includes some unpleasant "taboos." While.not for the weak of stomach or the easily offended, it is excellently written and was a one session read for me, as I couldn't stop till I finished. I'm now off to peruse Andrew Pyper' s earlier excellent novels.

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