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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Review: WE ARE THE PLAGUE [Dext of the Dead Book 1] by Steve Kuhn

OF THE DEAD BOOK 1] by Steve

This first entry in the DEXT OF THE DEAD series is told in journal format. Now first-person narrative and journaling can be difficult to write intriguingly. No worries here: author Stephen D. Kuhn Jr. does it well. I was quite captivated, and believe me, the leaven of humor in the midst of such horrifying situations sure doesn't hurt at all; it was good to chuckle at interjected comic relief. Dext's diffidence is a positive aspect: he knows he's no Rambo--just an office cubicle guy. I recommend this book, and series, to zombie fans, as well as to any readers looking to see a story well tuned.

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