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Friday, April 3, 2015

Review: THE MIRANDA CONTRACT by Ben Langdon

Review:  THE MIRANDA CONTRACT by Ben Langdon

I chose to read this book as part of a group read in the Goodreads Group "Pro-Active Destruction." not sure what to expect, I leaped in anyways, and "honey, the water is just fine." to my immense surprise, I totally grokked it and enjoyed it immensely.

When  I commenced to read, I confess my hopes weren't high. Superheroes? ROCK star? Just "not my thing":). But that turned out to be SO wrong, a sure case of judging before trying.  Not only is the story excellently written and compelling, it's absorbing, intriguing, and utterly absorbing. The author balances a wide cast of characters, fully examines each, and makes them cohere. Even the secondary characters are fully fleshed out, and the book is an overall joy.

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