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Monday, February 27, 2012

Overwinter by David Wellington-Review

Overwinter (Werewolves, #2)Overwinter by David Wellington

The sequel to the outstanding “Frostbite,” “Overwinter” continues and expands on the tale of the human woman, Cheyenne Clark, who had trekked into the Canadian Arctic Wilderness tracking the werewolf who had killed her father, and nearly herself, the summer Chey was twelve. I don’t wish to spoil the plot and characters of “Frostbite” for those who haven’t read it, so I will say that “Overbite” can be read first, or by itself, but the reader would enjoy much more reading the two books consecutively in order.

“Overwinter” brings in a new cast of secondary characters, including a centuries-old French female werewolf, born to nobility, who acts only on the moment, in the moment; and a blue-skinned Russian hunter who is determined to track her-at any and all costs.

The fine writing and characterization found in “Frostbite” continue in “Overwinter,” as do the author’s ability to turn the characters inside out and expose their deepest motivations, in the wolf nature as well as in the human nature. David Wellington is a demon plotter, and has an imagination I could never hope to achieve. As with “Frostbite,” my recommendation is race, don’t dawdle, to read this book.

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