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Monday, February 27, 2012

"Ghost of a Threat" by Beth Dolgner-Reviewed

Ghost of a Threat (Betty Boo, Ghost Hunter, #1)Ghost of a Threat by Beth Dolgner
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Author Beth Dolgner certainly knows how to dole out the shivers: I pretty much screamed my way through the Prologue (and loved it). Turns out I was frightened with good reason, for the case which Betty and her Savannah Spirit Seekers set to investigate involves not just a scary haunt, but a malicious spirit who trails physical injury in its wake. But Betty and her crew find they have competition in locating this elusive haunting: egotistical paranormal diva Carter Lansford, the media darling, is on the hunt as well, and Carter entangles “Betty Boo” into researching an important investigation he has contracted, at a historic downtown Savannah law firm, where there is more than meets a surface examination. Certainly this is the first case in which Betty has encountered someone who claims to be a demon, introducing himself as the man with the answers to the malicious spirit haunting the McIntosh home.

Delightfully written, and filled with wonderful geographical and historical input of Savannah, Georgia, and its near environs, “Ghost of a Threat” will have you racing to turn pages in expectancy of the next event.   The pacing is fast, but the attitude is cosy, inspiring readers to warm up to the characters, wishing to get to know them better, as if we’re making friends for the first time. Protagonist Betty Boorman is a decisive, determined, individual, one who is distinctly comfortable in her own skin and her own life, cognizant of the choices she has made, and not particularly anxious for anything she may or may not be missing. I found her unusual as a female paranormal investigator-in-charge, but given her character and interests this fits right in, and she does a marvelous job of operating The Savannah Spirit Seekers, even when the competition is intense and the media spotlight is trained on the vain Carter Lansford.

“Ghost of a Threat” is a good read, and I anticipate more from this talented author.  This is Book One of the “Betty Boo, Ghost Hunter” Series,

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