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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD!:) Nomination by Blogger/Writer Vickie McKeehan_April 2 2013

I was so gratified a few moments ago to receive an email notification that Writer & Blogger Vickie McKeehan

had generously nominated me for this award. Here are the requirements of blog recipients:

Here’s how the award works (and feel free to adjust as necessary):
1. Announce your win and link back to the person who nominated you.
2. Display the award logo on your blog.
3. Post seven things about yourself.
4. Nominate fifteen bloggers for the award and link to them.
5. Let the bloggers know you’ve nominated them.
Let's see if I've complied :)

1. Announce, and link--check!
2. Display--check!
3. Seven things about me? 

1- I've blogged on this review blog since March 2012, but it is not my first blog; I had a PSP creations blog back in hmm, 2008
2. I have been a voracious reader for about 5.5 decades.
3. I've reviewed online, via various sites, since April 2007.
4. I'm the mother of 3 adult children, grandmother of 7 grands and 3 step grands, totaling 10.
5. I am an unpublished author, primarily novels, but also short stories and flash fiction and novellas.
6. I'm an April 2013 Camp NaNo participant Camp NaNo
7. I expect to pass out of this life as an Unpublished Author. 

Back to the Check List:
4. Nominate fifteen bloggers--

Yours in Storytelling
Official Site of Alex Laybourne
Your Urban Fantasy
Kindle Books and Tips
Books in the Burbs
Horror Novel Reviews
Horror Ebook Bargains
Reading Renee
Literary Darkness
Jonathan Janz
S M Reine
Innovative Online Book Tours
Full Moon Bites
fuonly knew
Jeff Bennington
Kindle Books and Tips

5. I'm on it!

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