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Friday, April 12, 2013


Borrowing My Mother's Saints
by Olga G Soaje                                                                       

Published: september 2012
Genre: Contemporary Romance (Chick lit)

Interwoven with humor, romance and vital inspiration, Olga Soaje’s novel takes readers on a dazzling journey through the sudden unraveling of one woman’s life on her quest towards happiness.
Book description:
With a plum job at Nelson and Nelson ad agency, a Manhattan apartment, and a boyfriend named Michael who looks good enough on paper, Julianna is at the peak of her game. That’s when everything starts going south fast. Nancy, her nemesis at work with a fake smile (and other body parts!), has somehow stolen her account. Her boss, Peter, deems her burned out and sends her out the door with her cardboard box. And that’s just the beginning of the rapid-fire onslaught of serious woes.
After Michael dumps her squarely, her mom is diagnosed with breast cancer. Julianna is officially at her wit’s end. However, just as she’s in the deepest despair, enter a cast of characters that Julianna hasn’t seen since her childhood days at home and in her Catholic grade school. Tucked away in her mother’s recipe box is a bounty of saints cards, and soon, those the saints come marching in to represent a source of strength her mother had found in them and a way to develop other career paths she had not considered on her road to happiness. Julianna is greeted with new opportunities, for better and sometimes for worse, that help her forge her own road to a richer, more authentic life.
A warm hug of a book, Borrowing My Mother’s Saints is chock-full of insights, hope, humor, and a dash of modern romance. Inspiring and of-the-moment, this charming, lighthearted look at contemporary life will move you to muster the courage to follow your heart on a path that might just lead you to everyday miracles.

Bio:  Since I can remember I loved to read, always having a book in the car or in my bag just in case I got the opportunity for a few more lines. What I didn't see so clearly was this love for "writing". I sensible studied Business and Finance working determination in my career, until I discovered another type of challenging career called "motherhood". It was in this new job providing a source of love,  education and many,many other hats you have to figure out along the way that I allowed myself the opportunity to write and discovered one on my greatest unexpected joys.

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Review of Borrowing My Mother’s Saints by Olga G. Soaje
5 Stars

Although Chick Lit is not my favourite genre, “Borrowing My Mother’s Saints” has a depth and warmth and heartstrings-tugging that kept me interested, intrigued, and enjoying. Julianna (“Julie”) is a Manhattan career girl, eight years in advertising after graduation from NYU, with a “serious relationship” with hard-driving egotistical Michael, and a couple of long-term warm friendships. Julie was raised staunchly Catholic and attended parochial private schools. She fondly remembers her mother’s prayer cards to saints. When something or someone (such as colleague Nancy, who is determined to flow up the career ladder no matter how many others she stomps on) pulls the thread of Julie’s intact life and everything starts to unravel, she begins to remember those saints and to ponder on whom to ask to intercede to fix her life again.

Almost every reader can identify with Julie’s dilemma, and how sometimes it is only when we hit rock bottom that we find a new way out, a new pattern of life, a new path and life purpose. I anticipate future novels from author Olga G. Soaje.

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