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Thursday, March 9, 2017

THE DARKNESS OF EVIL by Alan Jacobson_Review

The Darkness of Evil (Karen Vail, #7)The Darkness of Evil by Alan Jacobson
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Review of THE DARKNESS OF EVIL by Alan Jacobson
(Karen Vail #7)

THE DARKNESS OF EVIL is the seventh in the series of FBI Special Agent (Behavioral Analysis Unit) Karen Vail. In this engrossing thriller, Vail is “hand-holding” (in the view of her unit commander) Jasmine Marcks, the woman who as an adolescent repeatedly informed local police that her father Roscoe was a serial killer. Finally investigated, charged, and convicted, Roscoe Marcks has been incarcerated in maximum security for the past seven years. Now Jasmine's nonfiction book detailing her life with a murderous father has been published, and simultaneously she receives threats, while Roscoe engineers a prison escape. Vail is in the midst of the new investigation, despite an arrogant U.S. Marshal who holds no approbation for the FBI.

There's plenty of violence, of course, since Marcks is a sadistic killer, but it's not gore for its own sake. THE DARKNESS OF EVIL is a well-constructed, tautly-written page-turner.

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