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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Review: MUERTE IN LAS VEGAS by Jack Thompson

Review: MUERTE EN LAS VEGAS by Jack Thompson

Generally, I don't have an interest in reading about glitz or gambling. But I do enjoy the Raja Williams mystery series. To my surprise, I was fully captivated from the prologue, some time before the appearance of extraordinarily talented investigator Raja and his hacker sidekick Vinnie. The victim is such an appealing individual, and immediately elicited my empathy. I even liked her parents. The villainous, of which there are multiple, had me spitting nails as they demonstrated the worst failings of human [or should that be "inhuman"] nature. As is often the case, a very few "good" people face several bad, and a vast number of indifferent and apathetic.

Author Jack Thompson maintains the Intrigue level at high throughout, leaving readers emotionally wrung, but satisfied with a champion read.

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