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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Review_THE ROGUE HORSE RECOVERY by Chris Poindexter

Review: THE ROGUE HORSE RECOVERY by Chris Poindexter

This thriller reminds me of a "men's adventure" story from the 1950's,  revitalized for the 21st century. The action is about as non-stop as it gets, both on and off land, and very high-tech, almost science fictional. If you like private covert corporation vs. Federal government vs. Cartel vs. Corrupt law enforcement, with plenty of violence up close and personal and a frequent scattering of sensual encounters, this is your novel. Oh yes, save the underdog is important too. For a novel with danger, violence, and recreational downtime, there's also a great deal of humor, and psychological insights bordering on  the paranormal.

Caution: Readers offended by casual recreational drug use, casual recreational sensuality,  violence, obscenity, and profanity, may find THE ROGUE HORSE RECOVERY too spicy. 18+

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